Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers Halloween (1978) Full-Head Mask

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the original mike mask

Halloween fans have been arguing for years. There are 5 different timelines of continuity and if you ask a fan which one is best, you might be in for a heated discussion about it. And when it comes to the mask? Hoo boy! Halloween fans have some very strong opinions on the masks used in all of the movies. Of course, the one thing that every fan can agree on is that no mask can even come close to the one from the original movie from 1978! It's a symbol of the horror genre and none of the others capture the emotionless, psychopathic nature of Michael Myers and this mask by Trick or Treat Studios perfectly recreates the look of the classic mask from the movies.

product details

This licensed Michael Myers mask is inspired by the 1978 version of the mask. It's made out of molded latex and was recreated from various screenshots from the movie. It has synthetic hair attached to the top and back of the mask, along with small eyes holes in the front for vision. Just pair it with a pair of coveralls to get a movie-accurate look from the classic horror film!


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